October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO JOHN LAMB ; 1 January 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460101-TC-JL-01; CL 20: 90


Chelsea, 1 jany, 1846—

Dear Sir,

Accept many thanks for your details about Dr Love;1 which I shall preserve as curious, and try to make due use of, should occasion offer.

The Book on Cromwell seems to meet with much more acceptance than could have been anticipated: it appears I am not to get free of it yet; not without a second edition, and some new inquiries. As you have access to the Cambridge Records, perhaps I may have to trouble you again on some point or other.

For one thing, a small question has arisen about the “Henry Downhall, at St John's College, Cambridge,” in 1626; of whom there is mention in p. 81 vol I. of the Book on Cromwell. A Copy of the Letter to him, regretted there, which turns out to be a very unmomentous one, is in Forster's Statesmen IV.40, but given very vaguely; and he is there called not “Downhall” but Downtell. Pray look, if you have opportunity, at that passage in Forster. I want to know what the “Cambridge Papers lately published,” from which this Letter professed to be taken, are; who or what Downhall exactly was, at lowest his correct name,—if so much could be discovered. I have set Mr Cooper, Author of the Cambridge Annals, upon this inquiry: should his investigations anywhere intersect yours, pray give him what furtherance is readily in your power.

With thanks and kind regards, / Yours very sincerely,

T. Carlyle