October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO C. H. COOPER ; 22 January 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460122-TC-CHC-01; CL 20: 112


Chelsea, 22 jany, 1846—

Dear Sir,

Your reference to Wood, concerning Downhall's death, is correct to the letter;—a small Appendix, wanting in the other two Editions of Wood, contains that column in the Second Editn.1 We have now completely managed Downhall.

I have written to Mr Wells of the Fen Office at Ely about that “Letter to Mr Hand.” O. C (I.351 third editn),2 the confused man, does not specify with any distinctness where he found that Letter, whether it does belong to the Parsons's Charity or not,—who or what ‘Mr Hand’ may be supposed to be.

I can make tolerable sense of it all except the phrase “Town money”; of “Town” I can make nothing; and begin to suspect O. C. may have read wrong,—as, it seems, he is used to do. On the whole I wish much a competent man could get his eye on that Letter, and report to me about it.

If Dr Peacock write, I shall of course hear from you: meanwhile Mr Wells if on the spot will do what he can. It is a frightful labour this of elucidating Letters of Cromwell; but I am bound to it yet for a while!—

I did not by forethought omit the Speech you point out:3 I had infinitely uglier Speeches than that to deal with; and will certainly insert that, now that I know of it.

With many thanks; in great haste,

Yours very truly /

T. Carlyle