October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO DAVID LAING ; 6 March 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460306-TC-DL-01; CL 20: 137-138


Chelsea, 6 March, 1846—

My dear Sir,

Your old Newspaper came in time, and just barely in time, to get the Cromwell Letter cut from it, and stuck in beside another of the like purport and like address, which I had got from an Attorney at Warrington in Lancashire: thanks to you for it!1 I send the Newspaper back, having no farther need of it. The gathering of these old Letters is like that of the Valley of Jehosaphat!2 My one prayer is, that I were out of it again,— forever.

In Clarendon State-Papers ii (Oxford 1773) 551–2, is a Letter from Oliver to Coll Strahan the Remonstrant or Protester, which I am about to insert (at p. 78 vol ii). I have tried as I could to find Strahan's Letter with the “Six Queries” that were in it: but have not yet succeeded, and have no sure hope of succeeding—except thro' you.3 Pray look at it; and help me if you easily can. A correct reference to any Book or Collection where Strahan's Letter may exist, would accomplish the most of my desire: I do not suppose the Letter itself to be worth much, or indeed almost anything except as elucidatory of this Cromwell one; but if you have a Clerk at hand, I would gladly pay him for a Copy. Give me the reference at least if you can,—and some short abstract so far as it may bear of4 this reply of Cromwell's to it.

Mr Macknight's Fragment has been hunted down; turns out not to be Cromwell's; to be a piece of an old printed Pamphlet by Cromwell's “Under-Officers”; but is curious nevertheless.5

With many thanks / Yours always truly

T. Carlyle

in Balfour IV. 135 the “Six Queries” are given;6 but the “Letter”?