October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO GEORGE P. PUTNAM ; 15 June 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460615-TC-GPP-01; CL 20: 202-203


15 June 1846

I have this day received a letter from Mr. Emerson by which I gather that he seems to think there is, except in the case of Mr. Hart of Philadelphia and the Miscellanies, nothing to prevent my engaging with your firm in the way you propose.1

I have had two of the books, Sartor and Heroes, carefully revised for your printer. Copies for him are now in readiness precisely identical with those that our English printer will bring out when new editions are arranged by ourselves. The French Revolution I have also revised in the same manner and am now getting an Index made of which you in America will have the benefit. We in England will copy you when our time comes. … In Past and Present (second English edition),2 I have no change at all to make; if it is necessary for form's sake, I will read the book over but I believe I can be of no benefit to it. My printer3 (an excellent artist in his line) printed the last time without any proof sheets shown, and will again, in this and the other cases that concern us, so print. For the rest as I understand it, I have to announce at the beginning of each book “that I have read this book for the behoof of your printer and that I authorize you (so far as I have any authority) and you alone, to print and to vend the same for me in the United States.” Those I consider the main elements of what I hope will now straightway be an agreement between us. … Believe me,

Yours very truly,