October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO C. A. ALVORD ; 6 July 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460706-TC-CAA-01; CL 20: 219-220


London, 6 july, 1846—

To the printer.

This Index,1 unfortunately rather indistinctly written, is nevertheless legible, and essentially (I think) very correct withal. It will require to be read, and attended to, at the Printing-Office, by an intelligent assiduous man, who is to verify the entries, and alter the pages (for the new Edition), with all exactness. The best Index, if the pages in it are wrong, is worth simply nothing: let him remember that.— If he examine accurately the English Index to Cromwell's Letters & Speeches 2d Edition, which is done by the same hand, he will get to understand what this aims to be, and find all obscurities (I hope) yield to him. The places where there is a change into a new volume, ought to be (as then) conspicuously indicated (by a dash or black line); I also give him charge of helping the uniformity of Capital Letters, Italics and Punctuation;—and on the whole earnestly request the exertion of punctuality, faithful intelligence and vigilance, in this matter: qualities which of course my said reader and compositor ought to have before starting, otherwise he cannot exert them.

T. C.

London, 6 July, 1846—

N. B. This Ms. must be preserved with reasonable care, and returned to me; this at any rate,—and, if possible, two Copies of the American Book (Fr. Revolution) here indexed, and also (from the waste sheets) two copies of the Index by itself. For the service of the next English edition.2