August 1846-June 1847

The Collected Letters, Volume 21


TC TO N. BEVERLEY TUCKER; 25 October 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18461025-TC-NBT-01; CL 21:79-80.


CHELSEA, LONDON, 25 October 1846.

Sir,—The New York Booksellers have duly forwarded to me, a few days ago, your volume of Lectures;1 for which I beg to return you many thanks. The candid, ardent, and manful spirit which, shines everywhere thro' these Discourses renders the Gift welcome in itself, and as a token of your kind feelings towards me still more so.

I have always said of America, in looking at its books, meliora latent [better things are waiting]; the best meaning of America has not yet come to words (or even to thought)—it is but still struggling to come! And surely, if it be true, as one sometimes prophesies, that huge changes lie not far ahead in your Republic as elsewhere, whosoever has in his heart a clear word longing for utterance, ought to do his best to utter it.

With many thanks and good wishes,

Yours very sincerely,


To Professor TUCKER, etc., etc.