August 1846-June 1847

The Collected Letters, Volume 21


TC TO AN UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT; 15 March 1847; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18470315-TC-UC-01; CL 21:180.


Chelsea, 15 March, 1847

My dear Sir,

Many thanks for your two Proofs; which are an affecting Gift to us here. They are certainly wrought out with excellent fidelity, both of them; it is long since one has seen such a bit of engraving. Both drawings are made the very most of: it strikes me, had you known the original Face,1 both would have been improved in resemblance by you; the engraved Profile itself, in spite of the exaggeration of the lips &c, is decidedly liker than the Sketch you had to work from. You have done your part very well.

I am not busy at present; I wish you had come up, that morning. It will always give me real pleasure to understand that you are prospering, or in defect of that, that you are faithfully struggling, like a man and artist, as you have all along done.

With many kind wishes & regards

Sincerely Yours /

T. Carlyle