July 1847-March 1848

The Collected Letters, Volume 22


TC TO JOHN FORSTER ; 11 January 1848; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18480111-TC-JF-01; CL 22: 200


Chelsea, 11 jany (Tuesday) [1848]

Dear Forster,—Here is a new Note from Bruce;1 which is not of any importance, but which you can stick to the rest, and keep there for me.

Mrs C. continues still unwell (tho' not very); confined to her room;—decides on sending me off, and gives up her own share of the journey, or postpones it into the vague. I go tomorrow: if she cannot follow me, as I think she will not, my stay will of course be the shorter. My Brother must superintend in my absence.

It is possible you may have sent some proof or the like to Alverstoke,—which I cannot now get hold of till Wednesday night, properly till Thursday morning: this will throw the answer back till Friday morning (at Lincoln's Inn Field) I fear. If so, my decision is: Proceed straight forward, without me,—as if I were not there, as if I were not alive at all. That is the rule.

And come here and see what they are doing, some day, while I am off. And Heaven prosper us all:—so prays (in his great haste)

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle