April 1848-March 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 23


TC TO J. W. PARKER ; 5 August 1848; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18480805-TC-JWP-01; CL 23: 89


Chelsea, August 5th, 1848.


Mr. W. M'Call,1 whom perhaps you have otherwise heard of, has something on the anvil which he thinks may suit Fraser's Magazine.2 I do not know what the present piece of writing is, nor what others the author may have in his head with that view; but I am very anxious that whenever he may present himself with a sample of his produce, you would give him and it a patient, candid, and more than usually careful examination. Unless I mistake much, Mr. M'Call must have a decided power of writing too, were he once put upon the way,—which indeed is not always an easy process for one like him. He is clearly a man of much worth; of many energies and talents, which ought to bear good fruit in the world one day. I hope to do perhaps a mutual service in bringing him to you, and putting good theory in contact with good practice in this manner.3

Believe me,

Yours always truly,


J. W. Parker, Esq., Publisher,

West Strand.

By Mr. M'Call.