April 1848-March 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 23


JWC TO W. E. FORSTER To be burnt; 19 January 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490119-JWC-WEF-01; CL 23: 204

JWC TO W. E. FORSTER To be burnt

Thursday morning [19 or 25 January 1849]

”Well!” (as a maid of mine once said when she had got tipsy, fallen out of a gig, spoiled her silk dress, and broken her arm, but not broken the glass of her watch) “Well! Providence is not entirely extortionful!—that is at least something of a mercy!1

After all my late pains and botherations it is “something of a mercy” that you are really here!—

To be sure you will find us on Friday evening—we have no engagement—and if we had, it would be a deuce of an engagement that one would think of keeping with such good reason to break it!

I write then meself to say I am so glad! and what the kitten's feelings are I leave you to imagine! Perhaps too I have a fancy for addressing a note once in my life to Threadneedle street, I who have spent the last two weeks in little else—but threading needles! The curtains are quite finished so if you dont put me out nothing else will Ever your affectionate