April 1848-March 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 23


TC TO MARGARET A. CARLYLE; 20 January 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490120-TC-MAC-01; CL 23: 206-207


Chelsea, Saty 20 jany, 1849—

My dear Mother,

I have hardly a moment's time, but must write you a word. Today I sent off by the Caledonian Railway (not Pickford but the shortest route) a small Bundle directed to you. It is a squarish Parcel weighing a few ounces less than a stone;—contains some extremely warm woollen articles, that I told you of,—there are two pair of drawers, but only one jacket; Jane says nobody can wear the jacket permanently, or except it be very hard frost. There is also some trifle for Isabella, and a small Book for Grahame. Whatsoever is not directed at all, is of course meant for you.— Pray make some of them write so soon as the Parcel gets to hand; I understand it is safer not to pay the carriage here; therefore, if I find it so, I will not pay it today at the Office: but I want to know from you exactly what it is,—do not forget to tell me that, for it is really a debt of mine, whoever may pay it for the present.— There is also a poor little Book for you; I hoped to have got one worthier yesterday, which I had my eye on; but on going to look after it, a purchaser had been already there.— — Tell me if you can wear the jacket comfortably, and we will remember to get another; they are not ill to get.

We are tolerably well in health, all of us: Jane has gone out today to see Mrs Buller; John was here last night. There is a smell of Spring already in the air; and the weather is really wonderful for the season,—whenever the Western misty rains, and warm mud, clear up for a little while.

Jack brought us a letter from Scotsbrig the other night, and one from Dumfries; which gave us great satisfaction.— Did Jamie ever get a Book (on Husbandry or some such thing, by one Coleman)1 which Jane sent him some time ago? She wants much to know. Good b'ye, dear Mother; I will write again before long. Ever your affectionate— T. Carlyle