April 1848-March 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 23


TC TO THOMAS WATTS; 2 February 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490202-TC-TW-01; CL 23: 220-221


Chelsea, 2 feby, 1849—

My dear Sir,

Can you, in any Dugdale or other such Book,1 discover for me, In what year the Duke of Wharton's father was born? If you look at p. 389 (bottom of page) vol. i. of Cromwell's Letters and Speeches 2d editn, you will see why I ask.2— Do not spend much time on this inquiry; this is not so important to me as a second inquiry I have, also in reference to that Book of Letters and Speeches.

In Durham County (near the City itself, I believe) there is a place called Bear Park,—once Beaurepaire:—this place, in 1651, a Coll Robert Lilburn was about purchasing (from the Parliament to whom it had fallen by forfeiture): whether Lilburn actually did complete the purchase, especially whether he ever resided there, or has left any vestige of himself in the traditions &c of the place,—I do not know; and should, if you could find it out for me, be really glad to know.3 Beauties of England Wales don't tell me, nor does Gough's Camden:4 but some good County History, of which I suppose you have store, might perhaps without difficulty indicate?

For the rest, do not trouble yourself much about either of these matters: intrinsically the points are but unimportant, and I can manage without knowing.

Believe me / Yours very sincerely

T. Carlyle

If you quote any Book for me, be careful to name the place and year of the editn used;—thus for instance, “(London, 1849)”; a parenthesis and two words suffice.