April 1848-March 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 23


JWC TO JOHN FORSTER; 27 March 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490327-JWC-JF-01; CL 23: 259-260


[ca. 27 March 1849]

My dear Mr Forster

Already a change of purpose!— You must bear with it, and with my reason too, tho' it may seem like throwing you over for principalities and powers1—but you will not think so ill of my social tastes “The history of Panizzi is this”!2 (if you do not know that story remind me to tell it you when we meet—ten days ago I engaged to go with Lady Ashburton to Addiscombe for a week—but the Lady fell ill—or rather fell worse—for she was already ill—and the visit was postponed till better weather—in my mind it had posponed itself into the vague—and I did not take it into account the least in the world when I wrote my first note— now—this minute is come a note from her proposing Monday next—to stay till Monday following—and to refuse to go because I wished to dine in chambers, God bless them! one day of the week would sound questionable—tho' heaven knows I am in the humour to do it. Will you take in then one day of the week after next—no matter about the Capting—I can get him whenever I set my heart on it!

Ever yours /


The Lewises were here last night—“Great God”! as you say— Poor Lewis looks to me going rapidly to you know whom!3