April 1849-December 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 24


JWC TO JEANNIE WELSH; 23 June 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490623-JWC-JW-01; CL 24: 79


Saturday [23 June 1849]

Yes dearest Babby I will go to you—but your haste takes away my breath— I must stay till Mr C is off—which he means to be in the end of next week—and then I must be some days here to sort away things for leaving the house to the Thieves and then I am engaged to spend two days with Lady A at Addiscombe and then the journey—I am not at all up to rushing from London to Edinr in one day—and travelling by Express trains—that rapid movement has serious effects on my head and if I risked such a thing in my present state the chances are I should only reach Auchtertoul to die which would be extremely inconvenient—at lowest—

I mean to go north by stages—stopping at Nottingham a day or two and then again at Rawdon—after that I must find the shortest road—

I have been a little better for the last week, if as sick; certainly not so miserable—the feeling that I am really decided and committed to go away is more strengthening than quinine—necessity is the Mother of exertion as well as of invention

What a world of things I shall have to tell you and I shall be so glad to see my Uncle there provided I dont inconvenience you—mind I dont care what sort of room I sleep in provided it be quiet—

Dont you admire Mazzini—William Crystal1 was here yesterday went to Laurences with me—madish yesterday I thought—with the heat perhaps Love to Walter—and I hope he wont find me tiresome / your own / J C