April 1849-December 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 24


JWC TO JEANNIE WELSH; 17 July 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490717-JWC-JW-01; CL 24: 131-132


W. E. Forster Esq / Rawdon Leeds Tuesday [17 July 1849]

Dearest Babbie

It is “all right”—I am thus far on my road to you!—have been waiting till I had settled the day in my own mind, before writing to you—that's all! I have not been ill—but ever since I left London—or indeed I may say ever since Mr C started for Ireland, and I had to move about on my own basis; my sickness has hardly troubled me at all—I eat like other people and am up to an immensity of exercise—in sleep I prosper worse than before but can do with very little of that—indeed when I sleep deep and long it is always sign of the greatest debility with me— Have I written at all since Mr C went? I have been ever since in such a hurry that I positively can't recollect. I went to Addiscombe with Lady A three hours after Mr C started for Ireland and stayed three days—very pleasantly. On my return I had all sorts of things to do—and was so beset with visitors as I never remember to have been before in all my life—every evening there was an improvised tea-party—at last I cut out of it all and reached Nottingham at nine on Monday night, a week gone—and there I remained till Friday—at least till Friday I was under the good providence of these Neubergs—getting myself carried to this place and the other and kept in a perpetual series of “good joys”1— Germany must be a Heaven of a country to live in, if this be the ordinary style of German hospitality; but Mr Neuberg is a very exceptional man I fancy in any country and his Sister is a little darling— W Forster met me a stage or two on the other side of Leeds! and brought me safe to Rawdon where every thing looks precisely as I left it two years ago except that Mrs Paulet is here— Paulet and she were still at the Watercure and came over the day after my arrival— Paulet went back on Sunday night and she remained and will continue here keeping me in countenance or rather I keeping her in countenance for the rest of my stay— I meant to have been off to you the end of this week—but theres a meeting getting up on the Italian question—and an Italian2 coming from London to attend it on the strength of my being here to receive him—and a whole lot of things—and I could not without ill nature go this week but the next Babbie dear—early in the next—on Wednesday or Thursday most likely, god willing you shall pick me up in Edin—or I shall pick you up at Auchtertool— Meanwhile kisses to you all— I will write again to fix the day and hour

Your own


—I dare hardly think that I am on the road to Scotland—