April 1849-December 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 24


TC TO W. E. FORSTER; 24 July 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490724-TC-WEF-01; CL 24: 144-145


Cruise's Hôtel, Limerick 24 july 1849

Dear Forster,

On the 29th of the month, which I think will be Sunday next, it appears, so far as I can calculate, that I shall be in Sligo, preparing to journey onwards to Donegal and Gweedore, the route for which according to my best knowledge hitherto seems to lie thro' Letterkenny. I could quicken or retard my steps a little to intersect you, if there were any real chance of your coming; but I doubt there is now none. A Letter, “Post-Office, Sligo” will find me if you are speedy about it; and if you come there in person, and be waiting at “the chief Hotel” (title as yet unknown to me), of course it will be far welcomer. Duffy and I have coincided with one another, parted and again come in contact; we met here last night and part again today1 but I think may very probably have rallied about Sligo again,—for the purpose of parting finally at Gweedore, his affairs calling him thence in haste to Dublin.

From him I have seen the wrong or Catholic side of things all along, as from others I have amply enough seen what is represented as the right side. A very ugly bit of tapestry on whatever side seen!

Nevertheless great seeds of improvements are visibly sown: the next generation of Irishmen may fairly hope to be ahead of any of its predecessors,—nearer to a level with Englishn than has ever been the case before.— Meanwhile the fatal Potatoe blooms everywhere (blight, I am told, now making its appearance), and every kind of rags and incoherencies are the staple products of the land.

My Wife I suppose left you for Auchtertool yesterday? Thanks for your goodness to her; and adieu with many blessings. T. Carlyle