April 1849-December 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 24


TC TO JEAN CARLYLE AITKEN; 26 August 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490826-TC-JCA-01; CL 24: 207


Kirkcaldy, 26 augt, 1849—

Accept one short word, dear Jean; it is better than no word at all; and will suffice to throw a gleam of light on our pilgrimings hereabouts.

I went off on Monday to Edinr, as anticipated, and thence right across hither, where I found Jane, in good hospitable quarters, looking very much improved since we last parted. Here we have continued ever since, as quiet as the circumstances would permit,—not near quiet enough, for indeed I have been sleeping badly rather, and so in the midst of many enjoyable things have not been enjoying myself very much.—Tomorrow (Monday) we set off for Mr Erskine's (Linlathen, Dundee) some 30 miles north, there to continue till perhaps Thursday or Friday. I meant then to have come down with Jane, and escorted her to Edinr and Haddington; but she will not hear of that,—insists on my going off direct northward, without loss of way, to do my visit to the Ashburtons, she meanwhile faring gradually southward at her leisure. I think she will be at Scotsbrig some day or two or even three days the week after this,—about the 5th or 6th of September, for instance?—but she will write herself to Jack or Mother when she has fixed. From me too, for my own behoof, you shall hear again before long.

James's Courier came aright; a sign that Jenny had got her Letter. Beautiful weather now here; harvest, good but rather late, just beginning generally. I bathe in the sea, ride &c; all which will certainly do me good by and by, tho' at present it availeth me little or nothing! Adieu, dear Sister. Ever your affe / T. Carlyle 1