April 1849-December 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 24


JWC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG; 25 November 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18491125-JWC-JN-01; CL 24: 296-297


5 Cheyne Row / Sunday [25 November 1849]

Sun shining at Hampstead yesterday! God bless me!— Are you sure it was the Sun dear Mr Neuberg? We here never saw daylight even—were sewing by candle-light at noon!

You hope my cold is better, I am much obliged to you; but if, instead of sitting there peaceably hoping, you had bestirred yourself to come and see how I was, you would have found me closely confined to the house, and very much in need of being talked to or played chess with—which ever you liked—

As to the M.S1 we had best take it in the fore noon; Mr C is not, in the course of nature, “up stairs till tea time—that state of matters is quite exceptional: besides I get very low in the fore noons, when my solitude is complicated by a cold in my head— If you will come on Tuesday fore noon, and bring that Hampstead Sun with you, perhaps I might get courage enough to walk out with you for half an hour— Your note did not come last night till after post hours from Chelsea—

I have begun this on the wrong side of the paper which must surely portend something!— Perhaps that my mental constitution is breaking up—

Ever faithfully / Yours

Jane Carlyle