April 1849-December 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 24


JWC TO JOHN FORSTER; 11 December 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18491211-JWC-JF-01; CL 24: 309-310


[11 December 1849]

My dear Mr Forster

I died ten days ago and was buried at Kensal green—at least you have no certainty of the contrary—what is the contrary? Do you mean to forget that promise of coming in the evening?—

Do you know Alfred's Address?1 if so, forward the enclosed please it is a piece of a letter that may gratify him a little—and tho no great hand at the “welfare of others” business I dont mind giving a man a little gratification when it can be done at the small cost of one penny

Your affectionate /

Jane Carlyle

Oh Lord! I forgot to tell you—I have got a little dog! and Mr C has accepted it with an amiability!—to be sure when he comes down gloomy in the mornings, or comes in wearied from his walk the infatuated little beast dances round him on its hind legs as I ought to do and can't, and he feels flattered and surprised by such unwonted capers to his honour and glory.