The Collected Letters, Volume 25


JWC TO NERO; 20 March 1850; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18500320-JWC-N-01; CL 25: 52-53


Wednesday [20 March 1850]

My “poor orphan”! my dear good little dog! How are you? how do they use you? Above all where did you sleep? Did they put you to bed by yourself in my empty room, or did you “cuddlein” with your surviving Parent? Strange, that amidst all my anxieties about you, it should never have struck me with whom were you to sleep, never once until I was retiring to bed myself without you trotting at my heels! Still, Darling, I am glad I did not take you with me If there had been nothing else in it; the Parrot1 alone was sufficient hindrance, she pops “all about,” and for certain you would have pulled her head off, and then it would have been “all over” with you and me. they would have hated us “intensely”!

The Lady for whom I abandoned you, to whom all family-ties yield, is pretty well again so far as I see— She is very kind and in good spirits; so my absence from you has all the compensation possible But I shall be glad to receive your affectionate caresses tomorrow— Kiss your Father for me

Ever your loving /