The Collected Letters, Volume 25


TC TO LADY BULWER LYTTON; 31 December 1850; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18501231-TC-LBL-01; CL 25: 324-325


[31 December 1850]

Oh, my dear Madam, do not show this Letter again; 1 except on absolute compulsion of necessity, no one has a right to see it but your own self! Restrain your grievous sorrows within your own heart; they will become softer to you there; piously managed, they are capable of all becoming blessings to you then. That is a fact, however strange it may seem.— You do not want for energy, for courage and strength, wherever else your defect may lie: Oh understand that whatever strength you have is now to be directed to endure with nobleness, to endure with silence, excluding the profane vulgar and its brutish gazings from the sanctuary of your woes. Alas, could you well learn this, all might still recover itself to an unlooked-for extent!— — I heartily grieve for you; and will try all I can for this Book,2 tho', I confess still, with little or no hope.

T. C.

31 decr 1850