The Collected Letters, Volume 26


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE; 17 June 1851; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18510617-TC-JAC-01; CL 26: 91-92


Chelsea, Tuesday 17 june / 1851

Dear Brother,

Tho' in never such a hurry, I must send you Alick's Letter again, since my Mother wants it. I am kept in such a whirl here, and am so busy and so silent, and truly out of heart and out of sorts (in various ways) that I cannot get up the steam for writing Letters,—and never wrote so few, I think.

I have told Jean you would pay her for me; and then I you all in a lump. Pray do this: she will write to me what the amount is; and I will send you a Draft by return of post.— — Helen Welsh and Geraldine are both in Town; much racket in consequence;1—item wandering Russells from Edinr2 &c: solitude from all mortals is sad; but nothing like such company as one too often has.— One day last week, “Dushtie” (little d'Eichthal from Munich was ushered in!3 A busy active little fellow, full of coal-minings, hopes, admirations; slightly bald on the crown, otherwise not altered for the worse. He wished greatly to have seen you;—is going, Ostend-ward, in abt a week, “by Liverpool.” His Address here, is “Bath Hotel, Arlington Street, Piccadilly.” I called at the door one day, left some L. D. Pamphts; and have tried to be as civil as I could. He was here again another day with some Bavarian Professor,4 a miracle of science &c come to the Glass Palace, whom I was thankful not to see.

On Sunday evg young Postie came:5 really a clever intelligt honest-looking creature; talked to us abt the W. Indies &c with a fine Annandale tone (dashed with Dock English) for two hours: his manners too are good enough; in short a good bit of Ecclefn stuff,—if only his clothes were a little cleaner! However, he did very well on that score too, as there were none here but ourselves: he went away a genl favourite, poor soul.

Fanny Lewald has sent over her German Travels in England:6 trash, trash! Wilkinson also has got out a thick 8vo on Physiology,7 whh I think will prove the most extraordinary treatise ever published on that subject. You shall have it, so soon as we have looked thro' it,—but the we means Jane too. I doubt it will prove entirely fanciful, after all. Lacrebog8 safe: thanks. Give my love and blessings to my Mother. Adieu

T. Carlyle