The Collected Letters, Volume 26


JWC TO [WILLIAM ALLINGHAM?]; 11 August 1851; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18510811-JWC-WA-01; CL 26: 126


Dr Gullys Malvern / Monday [ 11? August 1851]

Dear Sir

Your packet has reached me in safety—far from Chelsea—thank god! for London, with its smouldering heat and wandering gaping sightseers, was become the liveliest representation conceivable for me of the Place, beginning with an H, that one would rather not be reminded of!— We are here till the end of the month—Mr C taking the watercure, and I looking at him taking it. A Lady told me the other day that it was “quite delightful to hear from the bath-man how sweetly Mr Carlyle took his baths! his only regret, the bathman said, being that he was not kept longer in the pack”! So you see the cold water must be acting favourably on his faculty of patience and resignation if on nothing else

I think the bracelet quite beautiful, and shall take every opportunity of exhibiting it. With thanks and good wishes that you may be preserved from conversion to the church of Rome and all such “damnabilities1 I remain dear Sir

Yours truly /

Jane Carlyle