The Collected Letters, Volume 26


TC TO LADY ASHBURTON; 17 November 1851; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18511117-TC-LA-01; CL 26: 234-235


Chelsea, Novr 17th, 1851—

Thanks, thanks, for your Letter,—written the same day that I wrote. I hope you are now on the road home again; or home, and safe from the cold, which is very vehement upon thin skins today.

Jane surprised me last night by saying she had written to you, accepting for us both! I was obliged to deny, on the spur of the moment, that I wished to go, or could go,—which indeed is not far from the very truth, so fatally am I situated just now! For reasons that my noble Lady understands too well; and in her beautiful soul, does all justice to, and knows what to think of. Oh my Lady!— — But I must consider the matter further, with what utmost perspicacity I can; and write to you again on it tomorrow or next day.

Anyway I am right glad Jane is going; if she can be of any use, as I think she will, to Lady Sandwich for one, who gets on very well with her, it will be doubly gratifying to me. And if I stay away this time, and if I come, or come for the last week,—it is to gain a maximum of good from amid these strange embodiments of misery and evil, which encompass it so cunningly by the Devil's agency in our affairs. Pfui!— — I will write again straightway; the very wisest decision I can come to me. And do you pray for me and be silent till then. Adieu, O Friend.