The Collected Letters, Volume 27


TC TO LADY ASHBURTON ; 10 January 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18520110-TC-LA-01; CL 27: 8-9


Chelsea, 10 jany, 1852—

Dear Lady,—Your Letter yesterday lay visible upon the lobby-table for some hour or two before I saw the inside of it: poor Jane had taken cold the day before, and was confined to bed; as she still is, tho' I think getting better now. I know not what you did to her that monday morning; but she has looked much happier ever since, and is at her ease beside me; a result which I cannot but bless, and rejoice at, for her sake and for mine. You are indisputably an astonishing woman; and have a gift like no other alive!—

I forwarded the letter to Clough,1 to his old address at least, whence it will soon reach him, and be a glad word when it arrives. I had seen him here two days before, and heard of his fortune,—which one loves not to reckon a misfortune for such a man; tho', I understand, he is very poor, and will have his own tuggings in the wrestle with Destiny. But a tough man is not the worse for that; nay the better, if he can stand to it. “Under gold thrones,” says Richter, “how many giant souls lie pressed to death!”2— —Twistleton was here one evg, full of goodhumour, thinnish practical speculation, and very rotatory in his gestures; he is now to the country (whitherward not said) for a month; and we see him no more till the new season. Poor Eliot Warburton! Did you see in the Newspapers how he had perished miserably in the Steamer that was burnt at sea? He went that very day we returned home, “to Mexico,” to write a Book for needful money, I suppose: poor soul, I tried twice to call on him just before coming to The Grange; the first time I had tried, and it was never to succeed. “Never,” with Eternity behind it, is such a word in this world,—enough to give the smallest thing a kind of greatness.

If Lady Sandwich3 buy that House I cannot say but I shall feel really glad: however, there must no word be said, I suppose. Philippe Egalité lived within 4 doors in the same street in 1789:4—will that recommend the locality?

Ever since returning from The Grange I have been the victim of Stupidity; dark as an owl; and indeed have done little but sleep, and read Jomini (on War)5 witht understanding of him. “Highway robbery” is the eligible line, your Ladyship thinks? Well, we shall see,—were our faculties once awakened. Next week I will write again. Basta [Enough] till then.

Yours ever Der einzige [The one and only] Schnabel

6Ihre [Your] Schnabel