The Collected Letters, Volume 27


JWC TO KATE STERLING ; 27 May 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18520527-JWC-KS-01; CL 27: 125


5 Cheyne Row / Thursday [27 May 1852]

Dearest Kate

I sat doing nothing but waiting for you today from 3 till half after four! Well; you would have come if you could! Now I wonder if you can do this—viz: to come and spend a whole day with me before you go to Brighton?—is there any thing human or divine to prevent your coming here on Saturday, before twelve and staying till night? and anything to prevent all the others Lotta Julia and Edward1 from coming to tea on Saturday—when we should again play at Earth Air and Sea2 for the last time under the same conditions— I know not where the Head-authority is invested at present—whether in the Capt3 still, or in Edward, or in Lotta; or whether it be all gone to Anarchy—so I write my request to yourself dear Child, and beg you to do with it as you judge most proper

Your loving /

Jane Carlyle