The Collected Letters, Volume 27


JWC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 21 July 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18520721-JWC-JAC-01; CL 27: 174-175


5 Cheyne Row / Wednesday [21 July 1852]

My dear John

I am in the act of packing up Mr C to sail by todays steamer for Dundee—a little too sudden this packing at the last for until this morning he seemed minded to wait till next week— But he will be well at a safe distance from the quasi Sack of Troy going on in this house— Anybody would be well out of it that can get— unhappily I can't, for our Builder is much like a London Dr in his manners and customs, drops in for a few minutes in three or four days, and if there were not somebody with commonsense here to keep an eye on the workmen our intentions could not be “carried out” without the saddest mistakes— I mean however to run down to Sherbourn for a couple of days next week to see poor Mrs Macready who is dying and wishes much to see me once more—that will hardly be much of a relief!1— Still I wish to go— She was always a dear kind friend to me, and an affection which stands the test of conscious dying deserves every satisfaction that one can give it— as I wish to see Mr C safe on board I write the note to you he desired me to write after his departure now, before he starts—but I shall not put it in the post office till he is fairly off so you may understand him to be on the road when you receive it— There was a newspaper from Jenny yesterday which I send—

Any thing like my hurry and confusion, with all these bricklayers plumbers and carpenters, a new servant come only last night, and Mr C improvising this flight to Scotland, you cannot by the wildest effort of your man's imagination figure—so you will be content with this short note and even thankful for it

Love to your Mother and the rest

Affectionately / Yours /

Jane W Carlyle