The Collected Letters, Volume 27


TC TO E. P. CLARK ; 24 July 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18520724-TC-EPC-01; CL 27: 180


Linlathen, Dundee, Scotland / 24 july, 1852—

My dear Sir,

Yesterday I arrived here from London; and, this morning, your Letter of the 9th ulto, enclosing a Draft for Twenty Pounds, has followed me; of which I lose not a moment in giving you notice.

A long time ago the Booksellers Sampson & Philips1 (if that is the name) sent me word that they had paid you, to account of the Book Sterling, such and such a number of Dollars, amounting to such and such a Sum Sterling: but this was all I ever heard of it till this morning; your Letter of March (or May) 30 with its enclosure having by some accident gone altogether astray. The Samson Letter is in a drawer at Chelsea, and you shall have it, along with a Copy of the Book Sterling, when I return,—which is not yet to be for a good many weeks, I hope.

I have fled from London to be out of the heat; came off by Steam, and am here suddenly amid excellent old friends, in the most charming shade and seclusion and native fresh air.

With many thanks for all the trouble you take, and many regards and good wishes, I remain always,

My dear Sir / Sincerely Yours /

T. Carlyle

E. P. Clark Esq

Boston Mass.