The Collected Letters, Volume 27


TC TO F. K. LENTHALL ; 13 October 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18521013-TC-FKL-01; CL 27: 332


Chelsea 13 Octr, 1852—

Dear Sir,

I have been roving about, on the Continent etc, for the last 3 months; only returned last night; and did not see your obliging little Note, which appears to have been so shockingly neglected till this moment! Pray excuse my unpoliteness; which, you perceive, is rather a misfortune than a crime on my part.

Of course I should be very happy indeed to have those or any Letters of Cromwell corrected to the uttermost on such terms. It is even my duty to neglect no opportunity of having all his Letters made more and more correct.

If you persist, therefore, in your charitable purposes towards me, and the opportunity be still [fav]ourable, I shall be very glad to hear from you a[gain] on that subject, and very prompt to take wh[at]ever measure I can for putting the affair in [prac]tical motion.

There is still, awaiting from tomorrow, a festival of Country visiting before me; but after the last days of this month I expect to be constantly here and in the meantime Letters sent to this A[d]dress will generally reach me in a day.

Believe me / Yours much obliged

T. Carlyle

F. Kyffin Lenthall Esq

&c &c