The Collected Letters, Volume 27


JWC TO PENELOPE SKETCHLEY ; 2 December 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18521202-JWC-PS-01; CL 27: 362-363


Dear Penelope

Dont be giving yourself the trouble to imagine that I have any black dog ON my back or anything,1 of that nature— It has been only the rain, and the bustle and the Devil that have kept me so long away.

There being so few days now possible to go out in I have to avail myself of every dry one to go after my business—

Then my Brother in law and his Wife have been a fortnight in town and made me into minced meat while they staid. Next week I hope the Heavens will at last dry up and that I may get to see you and hear of the Book

Geraldine's Adopted Child is out—and I will bring it to you when I get back my copy from Lady Stanley who wouldn't give five shillings for the world to buy the book, and at the same time wont give back mine which she took away with love to your mother

Affectionately yours

Jane Carlyle

Thursday [2 December 1852]