The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 22 March 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530322-TC-JAC-01; CL 28: 85-86


Chelsea, 22 March / 1853—

My dear Brother,

I gave your Tobacco Order out, in the proper quarter, last night, without delay. Bolton does not habitually sell Crofton-and-Rippon stuff; had none in his shop at the moment, and tried to persuade another kind upon me. Poor Radford1 (my own man, a very honest little body, who sells only the Cn-and-Rn was ¾ drunk when I went to him; doffed his hat, smiled blandly, and wd “t-t-try Sir!” Of course that wd never do. In the end, Bolton undertook to have the real C & R stuff all ready on Wednesday night, when I was to call and see it and pay for it; and next day (thursday) without fail, it was to be in the Euston Hôtel, with the right Address on it.2 So this weighty matter is settled: and you may warn Johnstone3 to look for it on Thursday, if you like.— I will write to you again, after I have seen the thing settled on Wedy night. Radford's only difficulty was the “time” (whh one wd have supposed was pretty fair, from Monday night to Wedy do); Bolton's chief haggle was about the merchant,—I suppose C & R are a shade dearer in return for being genuine.— In the name of the Prophet, Figs!4

Brown's5 Address is “130. Old-Street St Luke's London”: the No 130 I am pretty sure of; but if you put “Old-Book Warehouse” it will be sure enough to find him in spite of or with out any No. I have not been there for years; nor have any prospect of getting away so far.

Most welcome was your news about my Mother! I had been plaguing myself with new fears; the weather being very sharp here, tho' a little softening now.

You say nothing about poor Postie: do not forget when you write from Scotsbrig. Poor little body; I remember him well, in many figures, from of old!6

Jane is not avowedly on the sick-list; but poor soul she has had little sleep these two nights, and is not in good case at all. We were at Darwin's the other night, dining; a sufficiently dull party, Wedgwoods, A. Sterling &c; I do not think that did her any ill.— Adieu dear Brother: keep your Phoebe within doors, and recommend us kindly to her. Yours ever

T. Carlyle