The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 24 March 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530324-TC-JAC-01; CL 28: 88-89


Chelsea, 24 March, 1853

My dear Brother,

Yesterday afternoon I finished off the ’Bacco Affair. Bolton had got the six Pounds all in one bag, with a Cn & Rippon red label pasted on it; the great Tobacconists had not been able to make it up in quarters in less time than 48 hours: wherefore I explained to Bolton that he must do that service,—wrap it, namely, into 24 quarters; and also take 8 of the said quarters, and give them a new cover separate from the 16. He undertook everything; a stupid but faithful-looking man: I paid his account; and took his solemn (i.e. shopkeeper) promise to have the Parcel, with your Address on it (the very paper-cliping you sent was to be pasted on), at Euston Square Hôtel “tomorrow” (this Thursday) “morning”; where I have no doubt it now is.—— For what of the ’Bacco belongs to yourself here inclosed is the account: my Mother's portion I wish to have the satisfaction of buying for her; having often attempted similar feats, and, in a majority of instances, failed for some reason.

We have bitter weather here; which doubtless corrugates and afflicts the skin, afflicts consequently the liver (and alas the “lights [lungs]” also!) and makes one very uncomfortable.— I think daily with anxiety, How my poor old Mother is to stand it?

On Saturday I go to the Grange,—to stay till Monday-week: Jane, in these catarrhal circumstances, backs out. I come home punctually on the Monday; but expect to hear from you there. A certain Azeglio, Turinese, Minister, Painter or I know not what is to be Hero:1 alas, io non certo nessuno [I am certainly a nobody]!—Yours ever T. Carlyle