The Collected Letters, Volume 28


JWC TO JOHN GREIG ; 19 April 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530419-JWC-JG-01; CL 28: 113-114


5 Cheyne Row / Chelsea / 19th April / 1853

My dear Mr Greig

In the name of your long affection for my Mother, and her no less constant affection for you, I recommend to you a most dear and excellent friend of ours, the Count Oscar von Reichenbach, thro' whom you will receive this letter. Whatever kindness you will show him, I shall feel more obliged by, than if it had been shown directly to myself, and you will find it “it's own reward” too; for a man of more upright character, and more noble bearing I could not introduce to you.

Driven from his natural position in Silesia, by the disturbances of 48, he goes now, after two years residence in London, with a delicate wife and three little children, to make himself a new home in America, and it is in the hope that the course of his investigations, before deciding where to buy land, may bring him near you, that I give him this introduction: for your advice would be as useful to him, as your courtesy would be cheering in a strange land.

Your old friend my Uncle John is pretty well just at present, but his life has been often threatened of late years—a little grandchild, a new John Welsh,1 is come some months since to cheer him up, and it has performed that mission wonderfully. His second daughter Jeanie is to be married on the 28th to a Mr Chrystal of Glasgow, after a courtship of ten years.

I have been only once in Scotland since my Mother's death—It is too sad, where one possessed so much, to find now only graves! For you too I fancy Scotland must have become too sad; since I have not heard of your being there lately nor of your coming—When you do come dear Mr Greig do not fail to let me see you—to see any one that knew and loved my Mother always does me such good!

My Husband is always writing and always dyspeptic. At present he is busy with a life of Frederick the Great which hangs fire terribly— He (Mr C.) is quite what they call “a Power,” now in England; but I dont feel that one is happier for that!

God bless you dear Mr Greig

Ever affectionately yours /

Jane Carlyle