The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO WALTER SAVAGE LANDOR ; 9 May 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530509-TC-WSL-01; CL 28: 131-132


5. Cheyne Row Chelsea / London, 9 May, 1853—

Dear Landor,

Forster has sent me my Book;1 and you need not doubt I am proud enough of the Inscription you have put upon it,—very thankful indeed to be remembered in such a way by such a man. The Book, wherever I glance into it, is clear and compact like polished steel; reminds us of the style of Virgil and Euripides and other extinct persons, in a way which has become rare, or even unique, in these sad epochs! Long may you live to write such Books; and remind men, amid their Uncle-Tommeries, Railway-Scriperies, and mad Gadarenes-swineries2 of many kinds, that there once was something divinely better than all that!

Several months ago I got an excellent Oil-Picture of you, and have it hanging here on the wall;—nay it is near two years since the Portrait came into the house, but not till Spring last could it get into its right place; to remind me of the wrath of the divine Achilles now and then! I believe you sat for it on behalf of Lady Bulwer, some fifteen or twenty years ago: and indeed it was given by that unfortunate Lady to my Wife, at a time when they had some passages of beneficence together,3 of which this, I think, is almost the only extant result. I have often thought of asking you to tell me who was the Painter, that I might write it on the back of the Picture, for the benefit of Posterity; and now that my hand is in, I will hereby expressly do so.4 Pray bethink you who that Artist was; and write his name on a slip of paper (without loss of time, lest it go out of your head again),—you need not write any more than the Artist's name in your own hand, if you are very stingy; but pray do that at once: a penny stamp will bring it me, and it will be valuable here.

With many regards, and many thanks, I remain always,

Sincerely Yours /

T. Carlyle

Walter Savage Landor Esq

&c &c