The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO COVENTRY PATMORE ; 7 June 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530607-TC-CP-01; CL 28: 161-162


Chelsea, 7 june, 1853—

My dear Sir,

Accept many thanks for the beautiful little volume you send me. I have read Tamerton Church;1 and had surely no difficulty in detecting a great deal of fine poetic light, and many excellent elements of valuable human faculty, in that delicate and brilliant little Piece; nor am I so intolerant as to give such qualities a stingy welcome on account of the vehicle they come in! I am glad of such in any vehicle. Nor in fact (except for my own private uses) do I take upon me to prescribe, or forbid, any particular kind of vehicle for them. Go on, and prosper,—in what vehicle you find, after due thought, to be the likeliest for you.

For the rest, I hope you mean to come and see me again. I am often at home in the evenings: 7 o'clock, or a little after, is the time of Tea.

With many thanks and regards, / Yours always truly

T. Carlyle

Coventry Patmore Esq

&c &c