The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO ISABELLA CARLYLE ; 12 July 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530712-TC-IC-01; CL 28: 199


Chelsea, 12 july, 1853

Dear Isabella,

Jane, it appears, is going down to you on Thursday to stop for a few days; which I am heartily glad to hear,—and hope the “few days” may lengthen themselves rather than shorten! She is always well at Scotsbrig; and you are always good to her and to me, and indeed it must be owned, one of the best of landladies generally!— Pray keep her as long as seems at all convenient for all parties. Probably she will insist on going “on Monday;” and, in that case, there is nothing to be said. I know not what her plans are: but I think certainly she will not be better anywhere till she come home again, than drinking new milk, and quietly strolling over the fields with her little dog hunting tewheets in the peaceable Scotsbrig precincts; and, I for my own part, like better to fancy her there beside my Mother and you than anywhere else. This, however, is purely my own notion; and I can give it only as such; leaving the execution of it to the parties practically interested.

Will you the day after you get this (that is, on Thursday, before Jane comes) be punctual in sending down to Middlebie for a Letter or parcel by post, which I am going to send to her there. I suppose you almost always do call at the Post's place; but I particularly wish you not to omit that day, and to have the parcel ready when our poor Pilgrim comes.

I wrote yesterday to my Mother; and shall hear copiously so long as Jane is near you.— — Good be with you all, dear Isabella: I send my kind regards to Jamie; who is much oftener in my thoughts than he gets mention in my Letters.

Yours affectionately always

T. Carlyle