The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO DELIA BACON ; 12 August 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530812-TC-DB-01; CL 28: 247


CHELSEA, 12 August, 1853.

MY DEAR MADAM,—Here is the Panizzi letter,1 which I did not shew to Milnes, as quite superfluous in his actual state of knowledge about you; and will now return to avoid risks of losing it.

I yesterday delivered your Paper to Parker the Publisher of “Fraser's Magazine,”—with such a testimony about it as you desired; name, country, sex, all is left dark;2 and Parker's free judgment of the MSS., “Fit for ‘Fraser,’ or not fit?” is the one thing he is requested to deliberate upon, and then pronounce to us.—— You, of course, shall hear of it the instant it arrives here; which ought to be in some two or three weeks; probably early next month, for I think the September No. must be already made up and in the Printer's hands.3 We will not anticipate his verdict; he is a clever little fellow (our “clever,” and yours too, I believe);4 and his voice will in some considerable degree represent for us that of the “reading public” of England.

On Wednesday I forgot to say that the printed Harley MSS. Catalogue,5 which I spoke of your buying, lies for consultation on its table in the Museum; and that you can examine it to all lengths, either as a preliminary or as a final measure.—— If you can find in that mass of English records (the main collection that exists) any document tending to confirm your Shakspere theory, it will be worth all the reasoning in the world, and will certainly surprise all men.

Finally come and see us, whenever it is not disagreeable,—without misgiving, in spite of nerves!6 Almost every evening we are both of us at home (tea at 7); and at 3 any day I am visible here.

Believe me, Dear Madam, / Yours very sincerely,