The Collected Letters, Volume 28


JWC TO KATE STERLING ; 26 August 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530826-JWC-KS-01; CL 28: 253-254


Friday [26? August 1853]

Dearest Kate

A line—I am in the midst of falling plaster and soot—just to bid you not be expecting me daily—to stay—as your youthful impetuosity is quite likely to put in your head!— My darling I could not leave home just now without the chance of finding Mr C in the Prison on my return for having killed an Irish bricklayer because he had fallen thro the ceiling!! such accidents happen always once and sometimes twice in the day at present and it takes all my strength of mind to keep things from murder and utter insanity

By “soon”—I meant in the course of the Autumn or so and I did not meditate staying—merely running down to kiss “my child” that they keep from me and whom I wish so much to see—

God bless you dear pray that the next man who falls in maynt fall on my head and break my neck—one fell yesterday within a yard of the spot I was standing on—it would be laughable if it didnt make so much mess and break my new ceilings to ruin—

The Town is empty absolutely

Your affectionate /

Jane Carlyle