The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO H. T. WAKE ; 3 November 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18531103-TC-HTW-01; CL 28: 306-307


Chelsea, 3 Novr, 1853—

Dear Sir,

That Design seems to me extremely elegant and successful; and better judges than I admire it very much. We will take it with thankfulness, unless we can do still better.

The one point of question with me was in regard to the “Thomas. Carlyle”; which somehow seems too large and formal: I thought, and think, a common signature in my own hand, on a blank field, wd please my own eye better;—but on the other hand, I partly perceive it might quite overset the beautiful ingeniously monumental look of the Piece.— I send you some Signatures, in pencil and in ink, to try your kind hand upon.1 Take the one you like best: the size of it will regulate the size of the Plate; which should be as big as necessary, and no bigger. For the rest be sure to preserve this present Sketch: as I said, it will do excellently well, if there be not better. We will at least cut out the point (.) between the name and . the surname;—I should add also that the “No” (which you have so cleverly got in) is not of almost any moment in respect to use, and may be introduced or left out, very much as opportunity offers.— I can think of nothing to put on the square spot; tho' something good might perhaps go there.

I am in great haste,—and highly obliged by your loyal kindness.

Yours very truly /

T. Carlyle