The Collected Letters, Volume 28


JWC TO H. T. WAKE ; 23 December 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18531223-JWC-HTW-01; CL 28: 348


[23 December 1853]

My dear Sir

You must be thinking me ungrateful—uncivil—all that is bad— No such thing!— I was merely in the country when your packet arrived—and could not get your address till yesterday when Mr C passed thro London on his way to Scotland, to see his Mother who is fast dying.

I showed him the proofs and he was much pleased with the thing as well as myself. I have never been able to get sight of the account since he had it in his hand—we were nearly out of our senses with hurry yesterday—and all things were rushing down into Chaos— But I recollected it was 1£. 5s. 6d—was it not. Which debt I shall be glad to pay to yourself, if you will give me an opportunity Will you come to tea any night next week—after Monday? or would it suit you better to come in the forenoon—only warn me when to expect you that I may be in the way—

When you come I will give you away the plate to get a 1000 done by whom you like— Mr C told me I was to do so—1

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He will not be home for a week or two—

Yours very truly /

Jane Carlyle

5 Cheyne Row