1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO JAMES CARLYLE; 3 January 1854; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18540103-TC-JC-01; CL 29: 2


Chelsea, 3 jany, 1854—

Dear Jamie,

You will see by the Newspaper which goes with this that I have got safe home; but I promised to say so much in express words. I had to wait an hour and half at Carlisle,—till “3 minutes past 2”; we did not get to London till midnight; and it was 1, or some minutes more, before I got fairly home. At Carlisle there was warm soup &c to have been had, but I could not eat there: and afterwds, on trying once or twice, I found that there was no chance or possibility. Isabella's four biscuits and two sugar-snaps did me much good,—in fact were my only resource, not against hunger, which I did not feel, but agt cold, which, as the stomach fell idle, became very sensible. Shap1 towards sunset was as cold a looking thing as I ever saw. Frozen fog began to prevail in Lancashire; once for about an hour there was powdery snow: the cold is as grim here as with you, and the sky today has its winter livery of gray. “Coals £2 a ton,” Jane tells me.— — Jane is pretty well for her; and the house is now all painted, trimmed and put in order: I have not been on the street yet since I came; only putting things away &c, amid reflexions not very joyful as you may fancy; and it is now towards 4.

I will add no me2 but to thank Isabella and you for your unwearied goodness to me in the late sad days, as always heretofore. God bless you all. T. Carlyle