1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO ISABELLA CARLYLE; 7 January 1854; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18540107-TC-IC-01; CL 29: 8-9


Chelsea, 7 jany, 1854—

Dear Isabella,

Here is a small Newyear's-Gift whh I am still entitled to send you; which I hope you will receive on Monday next,—still in time for the Old Newyearsday,1 which prevails in Annandale:—Jamie will change it into sovereigns for you; and you will accept it along with grateful good wishes from this house, where your kindness to any member of it that comes near you is well acknowledged and known. The stripe of stamps is for Jamie; a debt which I owe him by fair borrowing.—If there is any difficulty in the other Paper he got, for want of the stamp,—let him simply send it hither, and I will rectify that

I wrote him a hurried line the day after I came home; a similar line to the Dr: I have yet heard nothing from any Annandale quarter. Last night indeed the Free Kirk Minr of Ecclefechan2 sent some Note, apology &c upon a subject on which I did not care to hear him: let his civility at least be made known to you.— I have kept myself rigorously private hitherto; have seen nobody whatever; have been languidly trailing about endeavouring to put my rubbish out of the way in some measure; and try at least to make some better exertion in the now grave time that is come.3

The weather, that next day when I went out, was still professedly frosty; but nothing like so cold as at Scotsbrig: on the following night, there fell such a quantity of snow as few or none ever saw here,—a thick fall even for Scotland;—which stopped almost all the wheel-vehicles, and has been the chief business of the people ever since: happily the thaw is strong today,—wet wind from the south,—and is now rapidly ridding us of it. I could like to know how you have fared in that and other points since I left.

Give my brotherly regards to Jamie, whom I am very grateful to, for his worth and sense as well as for his honest kindness to me. Jane is tolerably well here; going out daily, in spite of the slippery streets. She sends her affectionate regards to you and to all the Scotsbrig house. Jamie himself could write us a word, could not he? At all events you can.

[Signature cut away]