1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


JWC TO MARY RUSSELL; 3 March 1854; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18540303-JWC-MR-01; CL 29: 39-40


5 Cheyne Row / 3d March [1854]

My dear Mrs Russell

I send a check for 3£ to old Mary,1 with my blessing. Be sure to tell me if she run down before the usual time.

I have seen my Cousin Mrs Pringle.2 And like her very much. there is a mixture of cultivation and rusticity about her, which is very refreshing here; where every thing is cultivated to death At first glance I confess her fine clothes rather appalled me. The Duchess of Sutherland is the only other woman I ever saw so overlaid with bugles! and as Ford3 and its belongings would rise up as the background to this glittering apparition, my sense of fitness was rather in pain. But the longer she sat with me, the more apparent it became that she had made such “a guy” of herself, thro' sheer simplicity. On her second visit she was dressed like a rational creature, and looked as well again. Tomorrow evening she is to bring her husband whom I have not seen yet, The child I never wish to see again! It is an “enfant terrible” [outrageous child]— How such a sensible woman allows her child to be so tiresome is almost as incomprehensible to me as how she comes to wear such a cloak! All this in confidence of course—

I have been confined to the house a good many weeks with a cold—and am wishing heartily for milder weather that I may get about again—I get so horribly low—looking out on the stone-wall opposite for weeks together

Do you know anything of the son of Andrew Anderson— Mr C got a letter lately—from a person calling himself “the son of his old Friend Dr Anderson who died at Thornhill.” The Writer demanded in a most free and easy style, to have some “assistance” sent him “by return of post.” And when his wishes were not met, he wrote another shocking bad letter reproaching Mr C with “such conduct to the son of an old friend.” Mr C saw Andrew Anderson a few times when we lived at Craigenputtoch—that was all. Does any one know where Miss Anderson4 is now? I hope your Husband is now quite strong— And that you too are strong. Kind love to you all— Ever dear Mrs Russell

Yours affectionately /

Jane Carlyle