1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE; 20 April 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550420-TC-JAC-01; CL 29: 291-293


Chelsea, 20 April, 1855—

My dear Brother,

I am very glad indeed to hear from you at last, that all is as well as could be expected,—nothing farther gone wrong, and a speedy prospect of improvement to that.

The accompanying Packet arrived, I think, on Tuesday; and I now let slip the leash, (first thing I do in the morning, lest interruptions occur afterwards), and it flies towards you. I know not where “Rutland Place” is, but suppose it to be in the Charlotte Square region;1 and am glad to think your Lodging promises well. Remember me very kindly to the obliging Doctor.2

We have not seen or heard of Neuberg since the week before you went. If I were not in such haste, I would write an inquiry after him. Ld Canning has at last answered on the Piper matter: all right, and Piper hopes he is to be promoted (not in the Mailguard way); at all events, politeness cannot go farther: so I have well done with it.3

Louis Napoleon has not been shot hitherto; that is the best that can be said.4 He gathers (they say) great crowds about him, but his reception, from the hep-hep-hurrahing classes, is not warm at all, at all. Jane went yesterday (Jewsbury & she, unknown to me): “never was so pretty a little creature seen as the Empress,”—never; and “the man L. N. sat as if he had been built of stone; no soul bidding (with any emphasis) God bless him. Men saluted the pretty Empress, and she bowed prettily, Oh most prettily!”— On monday just before they arrived at all, I came (in Omnibus) down Piccadilly: two thin and thinnest rows of the most abject looking human wretches I had ever seen or dreamed of,—lame, crookbacked, dwarfish, dirty-shirted, with the air of pickpockets and city jackals, not a gent hardly among them, much less any vestige of a gentleman,—were drawn up, from St James's St to Hyde Park Corner to receive the August Pair:5 I looked at them with a shuddering thankfulness that they were not drawn up to receive me; that lucky I shd be well away, and free of them, at Chelsea on paying my sixpence!— It is said to be now certain that Louis Napn will go off, directly almost, to the Crimea:6 that is the one good piece of news I have heard on the subject. As he goes home again tomorrow (Saturday), one need not grumble about the poor man, and the slight obstruction in the thoroughfares he has caused.— Adieu dear Brother: I need not bid you, Dr as you are take very great care of yourself: I hope soon to have good accounts of a farther stage. Yours ever affecte T. Carlyle