1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO DAVID LAING; 21 May 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550521-TC-DL-01; CL 29: 315


Chelsea, 21 May, 1855—

My dear Sir,

In the Proofsheet put into the Post-Office yesterday, you will find a correction of “Biographie” into “Biographied1 Personage,”—in which I am now afraid the “i” has been left out (in the way shewn here); please restore that “i” for me.2

The word I think must have been originally “Biographee”; but as your Printer (evidently an intelligent kind of man) had not understood it, I strove to be plainer.

We say “Biographer,” not “Biographier”; but Biographed (if I have so left it) will answer!

Yours always truly /

T. Carlyle