1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO LADY STANLEY; 7 June 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550607-TC-LST-01; CL 29: 324-325


Chelsea, 7 june, 1855—

Dear Lady Stanley,

Many thanks for your goodness; you are very good and helpful, as you always were.

If Lady Palmerston could be induced to bestow an annuity of £20 on these two poor old women, this (with the £100 from the Premier) would enable us to dispense with going into the Newspapers at all; which would be to me a much more agreeable method than raising such a noise as there otherwise will be, even with a far richer money result.— If her Ladyship can only give £10 to the Younger Lowe, we will take that and be thankful; tho' I fear that will not suffice to put the matter on any reasonable final footing.

I seriously consider this a safe investment for National Charity; and in regard to Literature itself, and “encouragement of Literature,” I hardly know what portion of the annual £12001 (if that is the sum) has been better laid out up to this time, for doing a bit of real respect to real “Literature.”

Pray do what you can; I know you will; and hope the aged Goddaughter of Samuel Johnson may be saved from absolute want by the English Nation, without bursts of Newspaper balderdash being needed in such a cause!—

I hope to call again soon, or otherwise hear good news

Adieu dear Lady Stanley / Yours ever sincerely

T. Carlyle