1824- 1825

The Collected Letters, Volume 3


TC TO GOETHE; 24 June 1824; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18240624-TC-G-01; CL 3:86-87.


4. Myddelton Terrace, Pentonville, London, 24th June 1824—

Permit me, Sir, in soliciting your acceptance of this Translation1 to return you my sincere thanks for the profit which, in common with many millions, I have derived from the Original. That you will honour this imperfect copy of your work with a perusal I do not hope: but the thought that some portion of my existence has been connected with that of the Man whose intellect and mind I most admire is pleasing to my imagination; nor will I neglect the present opportunity of communing with you even in this slight and transitory manner. Four years ago when I read your Faust2 among the mountains of my native Scotland, I could not but fancy I might one day see you, and pour out before you, as before a father, the woes and wanderings of a heart whose mysteries you seemed so thoroughly to comprehend and could so beautifully represent. The hope of meeting you is still among my dreams. Many Saints have been expunged from my literary Calendar, since I first knew you; but your name still stands there, in characters more bright than ever. That your life may be long, long spared, for the solace and instruction of this and future generations is the earnest prayer of,

Sir, / Your most devoted Servt /

Thomas Carlyle—

P.S. As the conveyance is uncertain, a line signifying that you have received this packet would be peculiarly acceptable.3