1824- 1825

The Collected Letters, Volume 3


TC TO JANE BAILLIE WELSH; 30 August 1825; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18250830-TC-JBW-01; CL 3:374-375.


Hoddam Hill, Tuesday—[30 August 1825]

My Dearest,

Your letter had the words “too late” stamped upon it, and did not reach us till yesternight. I am for Annan to-day to bathe, and if I make speed, this may still reach you this afternoon.

On Thursday night at a quarter before eight, I shall be waiting for you at the end of the Hoddam Bridge road, with some sort of quadruped to bring you hither. A rustic welcome awaits you to our rustic accommodation. On my Mother's part, I can promise you, it comes from the heart; and this, I know, will make up for every thing in your eyes. So mache Dich auf, mein Kind [So make haste, my child]! The fairest season of the year is gone, and the hurlyburly of harvest will obstruct us; but I am still here, and my heart is as true to thee as ever. There is still air to breathe, and a Sun to light us; and we have ears and eyes, and a thousand things to say and see. So mache Dich auf! I long to behold thee once more, and press thy heart to mine. Addio! I am thine forever,

Thomas Carlyle—