July-December 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 30


TC TO GEORGE CRABBE ; 30 August 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550830-TC-GCR-01; CL 30: 52-53


Chelsea, 30 Augt, 1855—

My dear Sir,

Thanks for your Letter;1 thanks for all your kindness to me. I shall never forget Bredfield Rectory, but always remember it among the peculiar habitations of mortals in this Earth. A very beautiful and memorable little restingplace in one's pilgrimage thro' the desert here below!—

Today I send you a Book, which I hope you will be able to read by and by; at all events the sight of it is to bring you in mind of me now and then. The Book is of no value here; nor likely to be of much there,—tho' written by your late Bishop's son,2 if that is any merit;—but I send it nevertheless, or rather let it fall to you, whither it tends as if by the very law of gravitation. Attached, chiefly by way of wrappage, is a No of some German Magazine, which may serve Miss Crabbe for a Lesson, when she wants a bit of plain prose; otherwise it is worth nothing.3— Please do not trouble yourself to write one syllable about this Package: hearing nothing, I will infer it has arrived; and a new Note of yours upon such a subject would but put me to the blush.

You are to give my very kind regards and grateful respects to Miss Crabbe; whom, for her own and her Father's and her Grandfather's sake, I am not like to forget either;—and so I will remain, wishing and auguring all good to Bredfield,

Yours most sincerely /

T. Carlyle