July-December 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 30


TC TO JOHN FORSTER ; 4 November 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18551104-TC-JF-01; CL 30: 103-104


Chelsea, 4 Novr, 1855—

Dear Forster,—I received both your Notes; recognising well your prompt assiduity; and have seen The Times of Thursday,1—at least my Wife has, I finding the place for her in it.

That of Defoe was very unlucky; unlucky too that there was no conspicuous Heading to the thing: it struck me many must have missed it altogether, for I had some difficulty to find it when warned. Our illustrious “Contemporary”2 might have done much better, had he liked.

However there came to me £5 next day (which is still here, but shall be in Coutts's tomorrow): by way of help to some of these defects I have thot of announcing that small fact;—here is the small Note to The Times;3 seal and despatch, if you approve.

For the rest, I will not investigate at Cotts's4 tomorrow; but do you pray, next day. I also think there should be a 250 Copies of the Article struck off,5 and a sovereign's worth of penny-stamps spent upon them; they can be sent without preface to various persons up and down.

But before printing these, let us meet, as you propose: Wednesday 4½ p.m.,6 at the Athenaeum (reading room),—if you answer nothing, will hold that for fixed.

And so may the Heavens help you and me, dear F., and carry us handsomely thro' this and all other good enterprises.7

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle